Avoid Getting Banned By Amazon

Getting banned on Amazon can always happen to business owners who get too preoccupied and would rather do everything else but read the rules. We get it, it can be overwhelming and rules can be your least priority— just like how manuals are often discarded and thrown away the moment the boxes are opened but that’s often the mistake business owners make. Not paying attention to the rules may lead them to getting banned so easily.

The reasons for getting banned could be as obvious as selling prohibited items, knock-offs, low-quality products that may be expired already or have some major defects. You should not list products with inaccurate photos, bullet points, and descriptions. You should also avoid listing unregulated healing products that maybe risky because likely, it is not FDA-approved.

Bad customer service obviously have some bad consequences. Amazon highly values its shoppers that even how your brand will fare to others, of course, would still be concerning on their part. Ignoring customers or even communicating with them poorly, having recurring negative feedbacks and complaints, and shipping issues can cause a problem so you have to accommodate your customers as soon as possible. The same issue can occur if you become dishonest by bribing or even soliciting positive reviews as well as when you push your buyers into purchasing the same products to another site.

If people often cancel and return a lot of your items back, you could also get prohibited. Not issuing refunds, overselling which is usually a problem when you don’t monitor your inventory and you don’t know you’re losing a huge part of your stocks, excessive chargebacks and even asking your buyers money for return shipping is also disallowed.

Amazon can also ban you especially when there are multiple people using your account or when you register for multiple seller accounts so it’s best that you assign separate logins instead. The gravest offense that could prohibit you from accessing Amazon is if you sell your account.

These are only some of the reasons you can get banned on Amazon, so like what I said in the first part: READ THE RULES!